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Набоков Владимир. Книга: [Proofed to line 1994]. Страница 33
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Lane, Franklin Knight. American lawyer and statesman, 1864-1921, author of a remarkable fragment, 810.

Lass, see Mass.

Lavender, Joseph S., see O'Donnell, Sylvia.

Male, see Word golf.

Mandevil, Baron Mirador, cousin of Radomir Mandevil (q. v.), experimentalist, madman and traitor, 171.

Mandevil, Baron Radomir, b .1925, man of fashion and Zemblan patriot; in 1936, K's throne page, 130; in 1958, disguised, 149.

Marcel, the fussy, unpleasant, and not always plausible central character, pampered by everybody in Proust's A la Recherche du Temps Perdu, 181, 691.

Marrowsky, a, a rudimentary spoonerism, from the name of a Russian diplomat of the early 19th century. Count Komarovski, famous at foreign courts for mispronouncing his own name - Makarovski, Macaronski, Skomorovski, etc.

Mass, Mars, Mare, see Male.

Multraberg, see Bera.

Niagarin and Andronnikov, two Soviet "experts" still in quest of a buried treasure, 130, 681, 741; see Crown Jewels.

Nitra and Indra, twin islands off Blawick, 149.

Nodo, Odon's half-brother, b .1916, son of Leopold O'Donnell and of a Zemblan boy impersonator; a cardsharp and despicable traitor, 171.

Odevalla, a fine town north of Onhava in E. Zembla, once the mayorship of the worthy Zule ("chessrook") Bretwit, granduncle of Oswin Bretwit (q. v., q. v., as the crows say), 149, 286.

Odon, pseudonym of Donald O'Donnell, b .1915, world-famous actor and Zemblan patriot; learns from K. about secret passage but has to leave for theater, 130; drives K. from theater to foot of Mt. Mandevil, 149; meets K. near sea cave and escapes with him in motorboat, ibid.; directs cinema picture in Paris, 171; stays with Lavender in Lex, 408; ought not to marry that blubber-lipped cinemactress, with untidy hair, 691; see also O'Donnell, Sylvia.

O'Donnell, Sylvia, nee O'Connell, born 1895? 1890?, the much-traveled, much-married mother of Odon (q. v.), 149, 691; after marrying and divorcing college president Leopold O'Donnell in 1915, father of Odon, she married Peter Gusev, first Duke of Rahl, and graced Zembla till about 1925 when she married an Oriental prince met in Chamonix; after a number of other more or less glamorous marriages, she was in the act of divorcing Lionel Lavender, cousin of Joseph, when last seen in this Index.

Oleg, Duke of Rahl, 1916-1931, son of Colonel Gusev, Duke of Rahl (b .1885, still spry); K.'s beloved playmate, killed in a toboggan accident, 130.

Onhava, the beautiful capital of Zembla, 12, 71, 130, 149, 171, 181, 275, 579, 894, 1000.

Otar, Count, heterosexual man of fashion and Zemblan patriot, b .1915, his bald spot, his two teenage mistresses, Fleur and Fifalda (later Countess Otar), blue-veined daughters of Countess de Fyler, interesting light effects, 71.

Paberg, see Bera Range.

Payn, Dukes of, escutcheon of, 270; see Disa, my Queen.

Poems, Shade's short: The Sacred Tree, 49; The Swing, 61; Mountain View, 92; The Nature of Electricity, 347; one line from April Rain, 470; one line from Mont Blanc, 782; opening quatrain of Art, 957.

Potaynik; taynik (q. v. j.

Religion: contact with God, 47; the Pope, 85; freedom of mind, 101; problem of sin and faith, 549; see Suicide.

Rippleson Caves, sea caves in Blawick, named after a famous glass maker who embodied the dapple-and-ringle play and other circular reflections on blue-green sea water in his extraordinary stained glass windows for the Palace, 130, 149.

Shade, Hazel, S 's daughter, 1934-1957; deserves great respect, having preferred the beauty of death to the ugliness of life; the domestic ghost, 230; the Haunted Barn, 347.

Shade, John Francis, poet and scholar, 1898-1959; his work on Pale Fire and friendship with K, Foreword, his physical appearance, mannerisms, habits, etc., ibid.; his first brush with death as visualized by K, and his beginning the poem while K plays chess at the Students' Club, 1; his sunset rambles with K, 12; his dim precognition of G, 17; his house seen by K in terms of lighted windows, 47; his starting on the poem, his completing Canto Two, and about half of Three, and K 's three visits at those points of time, ibid.; his parents, Samuel Shade and Caroline Lukin, 71; K 's influence seen in a variant, 79; Maud Shade, S 's father's sister, 86; K shown S 's clockwork memento mori, 143; K on S 's fainting fits, 162; S beginning Canto Two, 167; S on critics, Shakespeare, education, etc., 172; K 's watching S 's guests arriving on his and S 's birthday, and S writing Canto Two, 181; his worries over his daughter recalled, 230; his delicacy, or prudence, 231; his exaggerated interest in the local fauna and flora, 238, 270; the complications of K 's marriage compared to the plainness of S 's, 275; K 's drawing S 's attention to a pastel smear crossing the sunset sky, 286; his fear that S might leave before finishing their joint composition, 288; his waiting vainly for S on July 15th, 338; his walk with S through old Hentzner's fields and his reconstitution of S 's daughter's expeditions to the Haunted Barn, 347; S 's pronunciation, 367; S 's book on Pope, 384; his grudge against Peter Provost, 385; his work on lines 406-416 synchronized with G 's activities in Switzerland, 408; again his prudence, or considerateness, 417; his having possibly glimpsed twenty-six years ago Villa Disa and the little Duchess of Payn with her English governess, 433; his apparent assimilation of the Disa material and K 's promise to divulge an ultimate truth, ibid.; S 's views on Prejudice, 470; K 's views on Suicide, 493; S 's and K 's views on sin and faith, 549; S 's crabbed hospitality and delight in meatless cuisine at my house, 579; rumors about his interest in a female student, ibid.; his denial of a stationmaster's insanity, 629; his heart attack synchronized with K 's spectacular arrival in the USA, 691; K 's allusion to S in a letter to Disa, 768; his last ramble with S and his joy at learning S is working hard on the "mountain" theme - a tragic misunderstanding, 802; his games of golf with S, 819; his readiness to look up references for S, 887; S 's defense of the King of Zembla, 894; his and K 's hilarity over the rot in a textbook compiled by Prof. C., psychiatrist and literary expert (!), 929; his beginning his last batch of cards, 949; his revealing to K the completion of his task, 991; his death from a bullet meant for another, 1000.

Shade, Sybil, S 's wife, passim.

Shadows, the, a regicidal organization which commissioned Gradus (q. v.) to assassinate the self-banished king; its leader's terrible name cannot be mentioned, even in the Index to the obscure work of a scholar; his maternal grandfather, a well-known and very courageous master builder, was hired by Thurgus the Turgid, around 1885, to make certain repairs in his quarters, and soon after that perished, poisoned in the royal kitchens, under mysterious circumstances, together with his three young apprentices whose first names Yan, Yonny, and Angeling, are preserved in a ballad still to be heard in some of our wilder valleys.

Shalksbore, Baron Harfar, known as Curdy Buff, b .1921, man of fashion and Zemblan patriot, 433.

Steinmann, Julius, b .1928, tennis champion and Zemblan patriot, 171.

Sudarg of Bokay, a mirror maker of genius, the patron saint of Bokay in the mountains of Zembla, 80; life span not known.

Suicide, K 's view on, 493.

Taynik. Russ., secret place, see Crown Jewels.

Thurgus the Third, surnamed the Turgid. K 's grandfather, d .1900 at seventy-five, after a long dull reign; sponge-bag-capped, and with only one medal on his Jaegar jacket, he liked to bicycle in the park; stout and bald, his nose like a congested plum, his martial mustache bristing with obsolete passion, garbed in a dressing gown of green silk, and carrying a flambeau in his raised hand, he used to meet, every night, during a short period in the middle-Eighties, his hooded mistress, Iris Acht (q. v.) midway between palace and theater in the secret passage later to be rediscovered by his grandson, 130.

Tintarron, a precious glass stained a deep blue, made in Bokay, a medieval place in the mountains of Zembla, 149; see also Sudarg.

Translations, poetical: English to Zemblan, Conmal's versions of Shakespeare, Milton, Kipling, etc., noticed, 962; English into French, from Donne and Marvell, 678; German into English and Zemblan, Der Erlkonig, 662; Zemblan into English, Timon Afinsken, of Athens, 39; Elder Edda, 79; Arnor's Miragarl, 80.

Uran the Last, Emperor of Zembla, reigned 1798-1799; an incredibly brilliant, luxurious, and cruel monarch whose whistling whip made Zembla spin like a rainbow top; dispatched one night by a group of his sister's united favorites, 681.

Vanessa, the Red Admirable (sumpsimus), evoked, 270; flying over a parapet on a Swiss hillside, 408; figured, 470; caricatured, 949; accompanying S 's last steps in the evening sunshine, 993.

Variants: the thieving sun and moon, 39-40; planning the Primal Scene, 57; the Zemblan King's escape (K 's contribution, 8 lines), 70, the Edda (K 's contribution, 1 line), 79; Luna's dead cocoon, 90-93; children finding a secret passage (K 's contribution, 4 lines), 130; poor old man Swift, poor - (possible allusion to K), 231; Shade, Ombre, 275; Virginia Whites, 316; The Head of Our Department, 377; a nymphet, 413; additional line from Pope (possible allusion to K), 417; Tanagra dust (a remarkable case of foreknowledge), 596; of this America, 609-614; first two feet changed, 629; parody of Pope, 895-899; a sorry age, and Social Novels, 922.

Waxwings, birds of the genus Bombycilla, 1-4, 131, 1000; Bombycilla shadei, 71; interesting association belatedly realized.

Windows, Foreword; 47, 62, 181.

Word golf, S 's predilection for it, 819; see Lass.

Yaruga, Queen, reigned 1799-1800, sister of Uran (q. v.); drowned in an ice-hole with her Russian lover during traditional New Year's festivities, 681.

Yeslove, a fine town, district and bishopric, north of Onhava, 149, 275.

Zembla, a distant northern land.

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